Tidy Cats® Tidy Care Comfort Unscented Cat Litter



  • ​​Smaller granules for a cat-preferred paw feel (vs. the leading clumping litter)​ 
  • ​​​Guaranteed 14 day odor control (when used as directed)​​ 
  • Unscented clumping litter with odor-absorbing activated charcoal 
  • ​​Tight, flat clumps scoop easily​ 
  • ​​Low dust 
  • ​From the brand most often recommended and personally used by veterinarians​ 

Available Sizes

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    24 lb recyclable cardboard packaging 

Product Description

Small granules for a walking-on-clouds paw feel and strong odor control for cloud-nine satisfaction. This litter is everything your cat wants and everything you need.