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Come Home to Cat Chow with the comfort of trusted nutrition that fits your cat's needs, lifestyle and taste preferences. Plus, all of our formulas are 100% complete and balanced for each life stage with a taste cats love.

A Cat Chow For Every Cat

Cat Chow has thoughtfully-crafted formulas for all kinds of cats.

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Trusted, Tailored Nutrition

Your cat’s nutritional needs are unique. That’s why our experts created formulas to fit a variety of needs, lifestyles and tastes.

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Go Natural

With added vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Cat Chow Naturals delivers the taste cats love with the nutrition you can trust.

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Give Her a Strong Start

Help her put her best paw forward! Each recipe is always made with real chicken and has essential nutrients, like those found in mother’s milk. 

Senior dry cat food for joint health

Aging with Grace

Feed your confidence with proactive senior cat nutrition for healthy aging. Specially crafted with great taste and specific nutrients senior cats need.

Bring Home Their Favorite

The #1 Dry Cat Food Brand in America* is available at these retailers. *Based on 52 week $ Sales

Cat Parents Have Spoken

Reviews from real cat lovers like you!

Cat Chow Home Review Complete
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Joey’s Favorite

My guy is a rescue who celebrated his first birthday with, what else, a generous helping of Purina Cat Chow Complete. His day…

Reviewed By: - JoeyMom12
Cat Chow Home Review Indoor
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Great Product!

Our cats love Purina Cat Chow. They have been eating it since they were babies. We have one old lady cat and one who is…

Reviewed By: - grammie3
Cat Chow Home Review Grain Free
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Grain Free Naturals is Great!

I have 6 adult cats and a kitten. I let them try this grain free cat food and it was very well received. I am looking to switch over after I use up…

Reviewed By: - Humblegal
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